What our clients say

“I think the business intelligence we accomplished was incredible. The overall entity response statistics exceed anything I've ever heard of in this or any other industry. Lapis has helped evolve this process to maximize results, and I would be interested in doing a process like this no matter what company or industry I was a part of. Just do me one favor, and don't conduct this process with any of my current competitors.”


“We had great success with your program. We conducted two campaigns and generated $222,797.69 in net new IBM Software and Hardware revenue. With more than an 18% return on our mailers we were able to generate new prospects for a number of our partners. This campaign has also been the best way for us to generate email addresses. Your program is a great additional to any multi-touch marketing program or as a stand-alone program.”


“As you know, this past quarter we used the services of your organization, Lapis Business Solutions, for a direct marketing campaign that was co-sponsored by IBM. The purpose of the campaign was to ascertain business pain, system acquisition time frame and budget criteria for our primary target audience. While one might comment that the process of completing this campaign was quick, easy and extremely professional, the results were far and away above our expectations. This campaign uncovered a large number of potential prospects that we would never have found on our own. Our sales people are able to engage possible prospects in a dialogue about specific business issues and uncover important potential sales opportunities.”


“I asked my boss, our VP of Sales and Marketing, to comment on this effort by your organization. He remarked "this campaign was the most effective and appropriately structured efforts that I have ever worked on in my 20 plus years in sales. It was an extremely good job using exemplary competent individuals to achieve sterling results."


“Jeff, it has been a pleasure to work with you. You helped lead us through the various steps to arrive at a most satisfied conclusion. We obviously highly recommend the services of your organization.”


"In working with the 2 campaigns in August and in January, there was a significant difference in the percentage of appointments we were able to generate for the Competitive Analysis tool that our telemarketing group follows through with. In the August campaign, we did a mailing to approximately 917 CFOs and others which was a self mailer followed by a post card followed by our 3 call attempts to generate appointments. From that we secured 18 appointments. In January, we tested the use of the Lapis CPM survey mailer to 610 CFOs (where almost 1/3 were considered poor data; i.e. out of business, no working number, left the company, etc.; thus the real amount called to was closer to 427) and followed with our 3 pass calling and secured 21 appointments. In reviewing the two programs, it was much easier and more efficient to use the Lapis CPM mailer first before we called, and I highly recommend that methodology in the future."


“The response rates are amazing. Assuming that the leads are truly valid, I would like us to use this approach and this partner in each region. As we run out of runway this year, we'll need to be very selective about where we spend our time and resources, and this approach, along with focused telemarketing campaigns, should be the primary tactics we use in support of our campaigns and for general pipeline-building.”


“This is the most powerful turnkey, cost effective and repeatable lead generation marketing tool in America.”


“In my 30 years with IBM, both as a Territory Sales manager and as a Territory Marketing Manager, the CPM Program by Lapis Business Solutions is by far the most powerful lead generation tool we have ever used at IBM. It is amazing.”


We had great success with your recent campaign for our 30 business partners. The quality of information you gathered has shortened the sales cycle dramatically.”


“We were non-believers at first. But when we got responses for over 30% of our vetted attendee list to come to our booth, we became true believers! We plan to have you drive our trade show attendance process for all of our shows.”

“Your understanding of the material handling industry is critical to our strategic planning. We would like to use your team for our yearly research trending.”

“Over the past 10 years Lapis has helped us in so many ways, from lead generation for all of our business banking products and services to cleaning out our errors and duplications in our large internal marketing databases. You have raised the knowledge level of all of our marketing people. We also appreciate the additional 2 billion dollars in new assets that we now manage.”

“I have worked with Lapis Business Solutions for more than four years. The campaign model continues to bring a very high return on investment and the customer service is superior.”

“I highly recommend the services of Lapis Business Solutions. We have used them for many demand generation campaigns with great results. Their marketing knowledge is excellent and they have become our strategic marketing partner for demand generation, event marketing campaigns, industry white papers, and project and vendor management. They have taken overall responsibility for QC’ing our vendors participation in our campaigns.”