Market Intelligence

"I need to know what's going on in my industry, and - more importantly - what the future holds."


Lapis Business Solutions provides our clients with customized research
information so they can quickly and easily assess their marketing programs, sales efforts, and product offerings. On a more global level, Lapis also creates informative white papers and other research regarding current industry and market trends.


"Your understanding of our industry is critical to our strategic planning. We would like to use your team for our yearly research trending." ~ IBM ISV

Our expert market and industry research capabilities give you the exact data you need to make accurate decisions about market opportunity, penetration strategy, and metrics. Using both primary and secondary research methodologies, Lapis specializes in several areas of market intelligence, including:


  • Primary Research
  • > Focus Groups
    > In Depth Interviews

  • Secondary Research
  • > Industry Trend Studies
    > Impending Events

  • Quantitative Research
  • > Marketing Intelligence
    > Marketing Demographics
    > Communication Methodologies
    > Custom Surveys


Contact us to learn more about how Lapis Business Solutions can provide you with expert primary and secondary market and industry research.