Lead Nurturing

"Not all leads are created equal. Not all prospects are ready to buy."


The Lapis approach to successful lead nurturing focuses on the most common concern of many sales reps - they don't want to "waste" time talking to prospects before they are in their buying cycle.


At Lapis Business Solutions, our comprehensive lead nurturing program includes flawless execution of several success factors:

  1. Determine the best potential prospects to receive survey
  2. Generate interest from BANT qualified survey responses
  3. Clarify level of interest in/need for product or service
  4. Validate and prioritize prospects
  5. Send high interest responders that meet sales criteria to prepared sales reps
  6. Create on-going lead nurturing campaigns with a variety of methodologies for all other responders and non-responders
  7. Continually inform prospects of new or critical information regarding key products and services in which they indicated an interest
  8. Pass validated leads on to sales reps as the prospects indicate a buying intent
  9. Maintain communications at least monthly, validate every 6 months

Contact us to learn how Lapis can help you nuture your leads until your prospects are ready to buy.