Database Marketing

"I need to make sense of customer data, to get an accurate profile of our most profitable clients."


The right contact list is responsible for up to 70% of the success of a direct marketing campaign. At Lapis Business Solutions, we have been providing professional, timely database marketing solutions to our clients for twenty years.


Whether you need demographic information appended to your existing client list, in depth analysis of potential prospects, or tracking and reporting of your direct marketing program responses, Lapis Business Solutions has the proven approach to help you manage your data and measure your results.

Lapis specializes in profiling current client databases in order to find the attributes of ideal targets for any marketing campaign. We excel in many aspects of database management, including:

  • Demographic research and data appends for customer files - including SIC codes, sales volume, employee size, contact titles, products sold, geographical areas served, and more
  • Database clean up - visual cleaning, format review, de-duping,
    merge-purge, and data standardization services
  • CASS certification - to standardize address information
  • Mail preparation - including address correction and name/address parsing
  • Direct marketing database maintenance - comprehensive management of mailing fulfillment, responses, lead dissemination and tracking, and program analysis
  • Lead management and source analysis

Contact us to learn more about how Lapis can provide your company with high quality Database Management services.