Custom Prospect Marketing

"I need a turnkey direct marketing program that can be used again and again to produce quality sales opportunities."


With consistent response rates of 13-34% - and up to 49.5% for new business prospects - our Custom Prospect Marketing (CPMsm) program has delivered BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) qualified, cost effective leads through over 600 different programs in every industry.


The proprietary, copyright-protected CPMsm program combines tested and proven incentive and survey methodologies, customized to your marketing application and objectives. All CPMsm campaigns are created within the context of industry needs, market trends, and product-centric dynamics.


"This is the most powerful turnkey, cost effective and repeatable lead generation marketing tool in America." ~ IBM TMM (retired)


CPMsm helps identify the right contacts at the right point in the buying cycle, producing a high return on investment time after time after time! With a customized CPMsm campaign, you can:

  • Achieve consistently high response rates
  • Qualify and prioritize leads on a measurable basis
  • Reach only motivated buyers exactly when they are ready to purchase
  • Provide your sales force with the information and tools to begin a one-to-one relationship with well-qualified prospect
  • Reactivate/retain existing customers
  • Drive qualified attendance to trade shows and exhibitions


In conjuction with our CPMsm program, the Lead Nurturing system can provide ongoing, value-added contact with your clients and prospects until they are ready to buy.


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